Часто задавані питання по доставці з інтернет-магазинів

You can make an order in any online-shops. We ship any goods that are not prohibited for international shipment.
Carefully read the list of prohibited goods for international shipments.

For your convenience, we have created a catalog of the most popular online stores and auctions.

The ID is a unique registration number that serves to further identify the owner of the purchase in cases when the damaged label and / or the purchase of a track-number on the label not registered in the system
The online store indicates the ID on the labeling of the goods, transferring it for delivery to our warehouse. The ID can be specified in any field of the address or your information, in which the settings of the online-store allow for the time of filling out the order form.

Track-number (tracking number) – is a unique identifier, which assigned to a postal item. Consists of numbers and letters of the Latin alphabet usually looks like this: 78545214752147525. Also digits can to keep one or more letters: LVB58574268545. Do not confuse the track number with the number of the order ( order number ), which looks like this: the ORDER # 108-9223429-1685032 ( Amazon ) or: Item number 112 122 004 175 ( eBay )

We accept only paid goods, if the goods arrive at the warehouse with cash on delivery (payment upon receipt, etc. ), this product will not be accepted . Name of the owner of the accounting records should match with the name of the owner of purchase, which arrived at the warehouse. PC reserves the right to demand from the customer confirming the e-payment of the purchase of fact it is the owner of the account record ( card statement, a screen with the account online- banking, etc.)
Shopping, payment for which there have been using gift cards (Amazon, etc.) will be returned to sender

CVC2 and CVV2 code is a digital security code that is located on the back of your Visa, MasterCard bank card.
This code you will be required for the implementation of payments in the Internet, so how it is used to confirm the authenticity of your card

Customs payments are customs duties (national tax), excise tax (indirect tax on consumption of excisable goods) and value added tax on goods imported into the customs territory of Ukraine), which are obligatory for payment.

If one consignment with goods in your name is received, the value of which exceeds the amount equivalent to 100 €, or several consignments at the same time, the total value of which exceeds the amount equivalent to 100 €, the amount of customs payments will be 10% of the amount that exceeds the equivalent of 150 € ( in depending on the exchange rate – the equivalent is calculated in hryvnia at the NBU rate at the time of customs clearance ). This amount includes customs duties and payment for customs clearance services. Please note: Customs may revalue items in the shipment.
An example of calculating a duty for a product value of 250 euros: Customs tax : 250 € – 150 € * 10% = 10 € VAT (250 € – 100 € + 10 €) * 20% = 32 € Customs clearance services : (250 € – 100 € ) * 3% = 4.5 € Total amount of customs payments : 46.5 €

To provide all the documents, which confirm the payment of delayed customs goods, it can be used the statement of your credit card, a screenshot with application of your bank account and others. Information and documents, which are impossible to verify, customs in mind not accept.

Only the support service can edit the data of the owner of the personal account
To change personal data, you just need to send a letter in any form from the e-mail to which the account is registered

Please use the password recovery function

When registering in a online store, filling your personal data, please, indicate your ID number with your name, for example: Andriy PC12345. The ID number helps to quickly identify your purchase after delivery from the store to our warehouse abroad. After confirmation of receipt of the parcel you will receive a message, the status of your purchase will also change in your account on our site.

Yes, but each account is associated with an e-mail, it is not possible to create more than one account for the same e-mail

Delivery from China to Ukraine, from the moment of shipment from China, is 4-5 days , but should be taken into account , that in the general term delivery of your purchases from the date of payment it before actually getting to be held over time, which will consist of the following elements :
– delivery of seller to our warehouse;
– feed your application for sending according to the schedule of shipments;
– time customs clearance parcels ( usually it is included in the term of 4- 5 days );
– intensify holiday loads;
– weather conditions and other force-majeures

Delivery in Ukraine is carried out by a transport company, the delivery time is up to three working days from the moment the parcel arrives at the company’s distribution warehouse, after the parcel has been cleared through customs. To receive the parcel, you must show your passport / driver’s license / SMS code

In order to fast delivery of your parcel, we ask you to pay for the resulting expense within 3 days from the date of issuing invoice.

Your parcel will be stopped at the company’s distribution warehouse until the full payment of the parcel delivery debt.

firearms and ammunition, melee weapons and other items specially designed for attack and defense (knuckles, stilettos, canisters with paralytic fluid, etc.), explosives, flammable or other dangerous substances, military equipment, unless otherwise provided by law;
narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances, their analogues and precursors, included by the Committee on Drug Control at the Ministry of Health in the list of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances, their analogues and precursors subject to special control in accordance with the law, and radioactive substances;
objects of obscene and immoral content;
authorization for the right to wear weapons , labor book, military tickets, passports and other documents , that certify the identity;
goods, exports which are carried out with the violation of rights of intellectual property;
items which make up the national, historic or cultural heritage, which is determined in accordance with the laws;
seeds and planting material;
food products of animal origin without heat treatment;
live animals, except bees, leeches, caterpillars mulberry silkworms, parasites and destroyers of harmful insects intended for the study of these insects, which communicate officially certain institutions;
items, the import of which is prohibited in the country, defined in the Manual of receiving international mail items;
products food weighing more than 10 kg in one parcel;
goods relating to the definition of 1-24 groups of the Ukrainian classification of goods of foreign economic activity, which are sent to the address of citizens, except for food with a total weight of not more than 10 kilograms in the manufacturer’s packaging. Animal feed falls under 1-24 group UKT FEA

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